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Flutterby Living 

Simple Pleasures, Comfort and Style

flutterby lifestyleFlutterby Living is anything that provides comfort and beauty to your home, your garden, and your lifestyle.  From the roof over your head to the copper fountain that relaxes you as you laze in a wicker chair on your patio.  From the mural on your child's wall to the orchid growing in the kitchen window, Flutterby Style isn't about how much you own - it's about enjoying what you have to the fullest.
As children grow and learn, many parents find they have a new family vocabulary.   I've often agreed with my sons that some items are just not named right.  We didn't "walk" up the stairs...we "stepped" up the stairs.

Our shirts were not "inside out" -- they were "right side wrong".  Many of the original names they gave day-to-day objects have disappeared with time; yet a few of them were adoped by the whole family and are still used today.

family fun lifestyleOne word that stayed with us was flutterby.  As we sat under a maple tree on a hot summer afternoon, my younger son and I noticed several striking blue butterflies in the border of flowers by the house.  My son mentioned that he didn't know why they would be called "butterflies" when anyone could see that they fluttered by.

Since then, "flutterby" has been part of my vocabulary.  Flutterby living is a collection of activities, ideas and products to enrich your family's daily life.  It may be the home maintenance of replacing vents, adding a new roof or cleaning your carpets.  Flutterby Living is not luxurious living - but the feeling of luxury in the moment.   The super-soft throw you use in the winter months, the sounds of moving water whether from a small table fountain or a large pond, the super rich feel of luxury sheets (found on sale, of course). 

monarch flutterbyFlutterby living may be the textures of your home, the wrought iron, bamboo and wicker that form your patio furniture or the granite on your kitchen counter.  My own personal favorites in flutterby living are small items which enrich us daily and provide luxury and beauty to our homes, our yards and gardens...and our lives.

You can live a Flutterby Lifestyle in any economy.   So what if you can't afford new furniture or build  the sun room you've wanted?  Make old furniture feel new with slipcovers; add a garden window and fill it with pots of herbs.   Can't afford the big family vacation this year?   Create a week of fun and family games, day trips, share barbecue nights with friends, set up hoses, sprinklers, and drop cloth waterslides and let the kids invite their friends.   Be innovative...be creative....and have fun...that's living Flutterby Style!




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